Connecting With People

Global Partnerships

Together with our broad-based community we are creating a healthier world. Join our community of recognized leading brands and provide your customers with products that combine wellness and health lifestyle.

LIVS Core Principles

Every element of our business is inner connected. We make sure that each aspect is powered by another, and in turn, drives the next. Through this model we work to create sustained value for all our stakeholders, while staying true our purpose.

Our People

When we take care of our people, our people take care of the business. We want our people to be the best they can be at work and at their personal life.

Our Consumers

Our consumers want superior-quality products, from brands that they can trust which also have purpose.

Our Planet and Society

We aim to improve the health of the planet while contributing to a more socially inclusive world.

Our Investors

We believe that doing good is always being correlated with delivering consistent, competitive, profitable and responsible growth.

Enhancing Life Through LIVS

We focus on consumers health and lifestyles to constantly enhance life for all LIVS through ever-improving and innovative product lines.

Become A Partner

LIVS Partnerships

Together with our global community, we are creating a healthier world.

Currently, we have existing partnerships in the following countries: the United States, Brazil, Netherlands, Portugal, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, México, Peru, Panama, Colombia, and Guatemala.

Join our community of recognized leading brands and provide your customers with products that combine wellness and a healthy lifestyle.



Recurring Revenue Model

Custom vitamins are a logical and economical next step for you and your users which can help you increase your customers lifetime value as well.

No Inventory Management

LIVS will drop ship to your customers directly.

Personalized Reporting

LIVS produces a custom formula for your customers from your reporting, making the vitamins unique to your service and to them.

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We believe our partnerships are truly realized as we work together to support health by offering education and premium products.

Whether you are a retailer or healthcare professional, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us to become a partner.